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Twitter Lite is the tiniest and newest addition to Twitter's official apps. It lets you connect to the ever-popular social network through an app that takes up far less space on your smartphone. Plus, it's been specifically designed for lagging connection speeds and slower devices.

First things first, when opening up Twitter Lite, you'll soon notice it weighs in a little over 0.5MB. That's a significant size-reduction compared to its parent-app as the full-sized official Twitter client takes up 33MB to 35MB. We're looking at a whopping 70X fewer MB. Needless to say that's a fair amount when it comes to smartphones with less space.

As is common with 'Lite' versions of apps (Facebook, Skype, LINE, etc) one of the most important elements that is easily noticed here is that Twitter Lite has been totally adapted to 2G and 3G networks. Plus, it comes with an additional data-saving function to limit the images and videos it downloads automatically.

Improvements and optimizations aside, Twitter Lite provides exactly what you'd expect from any Twitter app. You can tweet, read tweets for accounts you follow, send and receive Direct Messages, tweet pictures and videos, create Twitter Lists, edit your profile, etc.

In short, Twitter Lite is a great alternative client to the full-fledged official Twitter app. It provides the same excellent user experience you've come to love, but adds the extra benefit of taking up much less space on your smartphone without using up all your data.

By Erika Okumura
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Android 5.0 or higher required

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